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For the time being all latest Windows 12 posts will be on Why would you ask, because Windows 12 is yet to be developed and launched around October 2024.

It’s not clear whether the next major release will arrive with a Windows 12 title, especially if it pulls another ‘seven ate nine’ gag like with Windows 10. As you’d perhaps expect, the OS is also very early on in development, so it’ll be a while before we get a sniff at potential features.

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Windows is an operating system that has been with us for many years and has not stopped growing and evolving. As it could not be otherwise, Microsoft software has adapted to current times, as is the case now with Windows 11. Here we refer to the most recent version of the operating system that has been with us for just over a year. This is the latest bet of the software giant that it has offered to its millions of users and that is gradually growing in market penetration. It is true that it has received a good number of complaints, both functional and related to its appearance. With everything and with it part of them have been solved in the great update that has just received, the 22H2. But despite the efforts that Microsoft has put into the growth of this version of Windows, it is not having all the success expected at first. That is precisely why for some time now there has been talk of a new operating system. This is something that we have already talked about on a few occasions in recent months, we refer to the next Windows 12. Little by little we are getting to know more details about what would be the Microsoft operating system of the nearest future. How could it be otherwise, this would be the successor to the current Windows 11 that receives so many complaints and that does not finish settling. At this point, perhaps many are wondering what this new edition of the system should include in order to succeed among the general public. Certainly rule out some of the more attractive features and used Windows 10 has been a mistake.

This is what Microsoft’s next Windows 12 should look like

Microsoft is reportedly working on the successor to Windows 11 and it could be called Windows 12. Well, whatever it may be christened as, in the inner circles, it is believed to be known as the Next Valley update of Windows. Now even though the details around the next big Windows update are scanty, a recent spill by the company shows us fresh design elements which could very well be of Windows 12.
We got the first look at this new Windows UI during Microsoft's presentation at Ignite 2022 event. The first thing we noticed was the floating taskbar which looks similar to a macOS dock. It appears different from the traditional Windows taskbar which itself has come a long way since the early days of Windows. Next, we see the system icons like time and date at the top right corner. Meanwhile, the weather icon is present at the top left corner. Last but not least, the search bar is also present in the top center bar. All of these things put the new Windows design far from Windows 11 and closer to the macOS design language. As per Zac Bowden from Windows Central, this new UI is “representative of the design goals that Microsoft is hoping to achieve with the next version of Windows.”
Now the reason we assume this to be Windows 12 is because of Mr. Bowden’s claim that Microsoft has dropped Windows 11 23H2 update and the company will be returning to a 3-year development cycle. This forthcoming Windows update could offer a Windows 7-like refinement for Windows 11. Or so is being expected. Let's see.
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Recent reports claim that Windows 12 is likely to be Microsoft’s follow-up to Windows 11. In addition to that, it could come sooner than you might think are you ready?
Windows 12: Features, Release Date & Price
Windows 12 is tipped to be the successor of Windows 11. Here’s everything we’ve found so far about the upcoming Windows, alongside a few features that we’d also like to come with Windows 12.

Rumored Windows 12 release date & Price
The point worth mentioning here is that Windows 11 has not even celebrated its one-year anniversary yet. However, going on past releases, we all expect to see Windows 12 in late 2024, just when support for Windows 10 is ending. As far as its price is expected, it is expected to be free just like its predecessors.

Windows 12 supported devices
When Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 11, the main requirement was to have a hardware feature called TPM enabled for machines. It is a security feature that can be found on most motherboards. The point worth mentioning here is that the same requirement will most likely be requested by Microsoft again, it may be at a point where almost every PC has TPM enabled anyway.

Moreover, it will likely have similar requirements to Windows 11. Let’s have a look at that:

Leaked Microsoft Windows 12 The Microsoft Ignite 2022 keynote focused heavily on Microsoft 365, but there was one surprising element that may have gone unnoticed by many. During the online keynote, the company showed a screenshot briefly showing the Windows desktop running Microsoft Teams. However, according to the XDA Developers report, the desktop doesn't look much like the current version of Windows; potentially, it may be a future version of Windows, "what we assume will be called Windows 12". Zac Bowden of Windows Central confirmed that the screen design of the next new Windows was being promoted internally a few months ago when Microsoft hinted at the prototype design of a major version of Windows that could arrive in 2024. The report says a couple of other variations of this Windows prototype. This also includes a layout where UI elements display a translucent bar at the top of the screen. Even some Twitterers noticed big changes compared to the current design of Windows 11. For example, a floating taskbar at the bottom simply means that it is not stuck in one place on the screen. You can also see various pieces of information at the top of the screen, such as current weather updates, system icons like Wi-Fi, battery, and a search bar. "The goal with this new design approach is reportedly to optimize the UI further for touch users, without alienating mouse and keyboard users that make up the bulk of Windows users today," mentions the XDA Developers report. We should note that this is an expected prototype for Windows 12, which could change over a period of time before its release. Therefore, we will have to wait until the release date of Windows 12, which is expected to be released three years after the original release of Windows 11.
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In September, we reported how Microsoft is planning for the release of the next operating system, Windows 12 in the year 2024. The company is also rumored to be returning to the traditional three-year release cycle for major versions of the Windows client with Windows 12. During its recent online Ignite 2022 conference, Microsoft gave us a sneak peek at the next generation of Windows version, Windows 12, although accidentally. The Redmond giant happened to reveal a UI (user interface) design prototype for Windows 12 when it had put up an image of a Windows desktop running Microsoft Teams. The next version is known internally as “Next Valley”. Zac Bowden of Windows Central too confirmed that it was indeed a prototype of Windows 12. According to him, the screenshot from the Ignite 2022 conference was an updated version of the Windows UI and not the preliminary design ideas that were exhibited internally at Microsoft a few months ago. The image above is a manually recreated replica of what the prototype should look like by Bowden, as the screenshot shown during the keynote was fairly low-resolution. As one can see, there is a floating taskbar with rounder corners at the bottom of the screen. At the top right corner of the desktop, one can notice there are system icons for the Wi-Fi and battery power indicator. Also, there is a search bar at the top center as well as the weather widget in the top left corner. Other updates that Microsoft has planned for the next operating system include a new lock/login screen, a notification center, and much more. According to Bowden’s sources, the prototype shown during the Ignite 2022 event is probably just one of the design goals that Microsoft is working on for the upcoming Windows OS. Since the next version of Windows OS is expected to ship only in 2024, we can expect many more design changes and improvements to take place before the final version is made public to everyone.
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